Estimate FAQ’s

(Q) How much is it for an estimate?
(A) The estimate is always free. Please stop in Monday-Friday between 8AM-5PM for your free estimate. It will take about 15-20 minutes to complete your estimate.

(Q) If my insurance company already wrote an estimate, do I need one from the shop, too?
(A) We just need to get a copy of the estimate your insurance company provided you with. There is no need for another estimate. Once we have this estimate we can schedule your repair.

(Q) What if the estimate my insurance company has written isn’t enough to cover the damage?
(A) Don’t worry. We always begin with the original estimate. But once we tear down your vehicle we may find additional hidden damage. If so we will communicate directly with your insurance company to ensure any additional damage found during the repair process is covered. This is typically referred to as supplemental damage.

(Q) Do I have to pay for my repair upfront?
(A) No. Payment is required when you pick up the vehicle. If you are going through an insurance company we will communicate with the insurance company prior to pickup to verify what they will be covering directly with us and what we should expect to collect from you the customer.

(Q) What payment options are available to me?
(A) We take MasterCard and Visa® for payments up to $500. We accept properly endorsed insurance checks. We accept personal checks with prior approval only. Money orders, cashier’s checks, and cash are also acceptable.

(Q) What is a properly endorsed insurance check?
(A) If an insurance check is just made out to you, then all you have to do is sign it and hand it over for payment. But, if there is a loan out on your vehicle, the insurance company may make the check out to you and your lien holder.

If so, then the check has to be properly endorsed by your lien holder prior to picking up your vehicle. In some cases, this may take up to one week if you have to mail the check to your financial institution.