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5 Driving Tips for Seniors

Senior drivers present unique safety challenges brought on by the aging process itself.  If you’re an older driver or know one, here are 5 ways that seniors can help improve their odds of not being involved in an accident:

1. Get Regular Hearing and Vision Tests.

Hearing and vision loss tend to occur as we age, so for seniors it’s wise to have a doctor test those key senses every year.

  • Impaired hearing could cause an older driver to not hear an emergency vehicle or train
  • Compromised vision can interfere with their ability to see oncoming vehicles, pedestrians and traffic signs

See an audiologist to confirm you don’t need hearing aids and an optometrist to confirm your vision is where it should be for driving safety.

2. Stay Physically Fit to keep your Reflexes Sharp.

Regular exercise helps improve strength and flexibility and the ability to react quickly in a vehicle if needed. Walking and water aerobics, are healthy low-impact exercises for older people to engage in, with the added benefit they could help avoid accidents later.

3. Know Your Limitations.

Seniors should listen to their bodies when it comes to driving limitations. For example, if their hands hurt while gripping the wheel due to arthritis, using a steering wheel cover will make holding and turning it more comfortable. And, a vehicle with a larger and easier-to-read dashboard display might be safer for someone with a visual impairment. Most newer cars now come with safety advancements like lane change and blind spot sensors that alert older drivers when dangers are present.

4. Check out the Road Conditions.

When there’s snow, ice or poor visibility, it’s probably best for seniors to stay off the road. Bad night vision means avoid driving after dark. Driving when one is tired or upset is never good, and when it comes to “conditions”, drivers of all ages should never get behind the wheel while under the influence of mind-altering substances like alcohol and some medications.

5. Keep Your Driving Skills Sharp.

Just because someone has held a driver’s license for 50 years doesn’t mean they’re still capable. It’s not a bad idea for drivers over 65 to take a driving refresher course periodically to keep their skills sharp, and doing so could also possibly earn them a car insurance discount.


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