Spring Check up for your Car

Our Spring Maintenance Checklist

  • Check Your Tires: Winter weather means tires pressure fluctuates with the temperature. Check your tire pressure and tread. If you had winter tires on swap out to all season tires. New England streets are full of potholes – it’s worth getting your alignment checked as potholes and icy roads may have impacted it.
  • Check Your Bulbs: Head and tail lights get easily burnt out with cold frigid temperatures. Be safe – ensure all your exterior lights are functioning at full brightness to keep yourself visible and safe during everything from thunderstorms to foggy mornings.
  • Check Your Battery and Plugs: Cold weather wears out plugs and batteries faster than warmer weather. Check and replace your plugs as needed, and consider a voltage test on your battery to make sure it’s ready for another year of smooth sailing.
  • Change Your Oil: Your engine has greater demands placed on it during warmer weather, so make sure it’s ready to go by getting the oil and filter changed. 
  • Change Your Cabin Filter: Spring means pollen and allergen season, so get your filter swapped out to keep your cabin air clean and allergen free.
  • Test Your Air Conditioning: Be proactive! Make sure your A/C is in tip-top shape before you really need it.
  • Check Your Wiper Blades: Spring means rain is in the air! Avoid driving with poor visibility during a spring shower or blizzard by ensuring your wipers are in the best shape possible.
  • Wash Your Car: It’s hard to motivate yourself to get a car wash when another snow storm is around the corner. As the weather gets a little warmer, though, it’s time to make sure all of the grime and de-icing agents are washed off your vehicle – we have a great detailing bay waiting for you!
  • Vacuum and Clean Your Interior: Road salt and grime will wear down your carpet if left for too long – an interior detail is what you need.

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